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Knitted Fabric Knitted Fabric. Knitted Fabric Manufacturer. Knitted Fabric Wholesaler. Knitted Fabric for the Fashion industry.
Use Tex World Fabrics as your source for Knitted Fabric... Browse a variety of Knitted Fabric that we either stock, wholesale or manufacturer. When you find the Knitted Fabric fabric you are interested in, simply click the "Inquire Now" box or email us to contact us about more information. Please keep in mind we can customize Knitted Fabric based on the patterns, colors or material weight needed.
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  • YS-WDJ-248 Plain Dyed Stretch Kintted Fabric
  • YS-WDJ-248 Plain Dyed Stretch Kintted Fabric
    • Material: 68% Rayon, 27% Polyester, 5% Spendex
    • Pattern: Plain Dyed
    • Weight: 240GSM
    • Width: 56 inch
    • Min.Order: 1000y
    We produce and stock various colors and types of Knitted Fabric. The picture on the left is an example of YS-WDJ-248 Plain Dyed Stretch Kintted Fabric. We can customize the fabric weight, color and hand feel to our customers requirements.
  • YS-WDJ-248 Plain Dyed Stretch Kintted Fabric
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